The Chemilogics™ Platform

Drug discovery from within

We use patient data and advances in genomics, AI/ML, and synthetic biology to discover uniquely advantaged starting points for small molecule drugs encoded in DNA found within the human body.

Turning small molecule drug discovery inside out.

DNA to chemistry to medicines.

Empress is advancing a new paradigm that overcomes major obstacles to small molecule drug development: time and uncertainty. 

We have developed a proprietary set of technologies and capabilities that make it possible, for the first time, to apply the power of the genetic code to rapidly and predictably turn programmable chemistries into novel small molecule medicines.

Our Chemilogics platform combines the proven advantages of small molecule chemistry with the programmability of biologics to fundamentally change the value and probability of success for small molecule drug discovery and create meaningful new medicines for patients around the world.

medicines from within

The Chemilogics™ Platform

Starting with clinical data, we find DNA sequences that encode the synthesis of small molecules that co-evolved with important disease targets inside the human body. 

Using the power of genomics, AI, and synthetic biology, we can rapidly find, make, and test small molecules with desirable drug-like properties.


Gather metagenomic data from tens of thousands of individuals worldwide

AI/ML maps biosynthetic pathways and disease linkages

We look for the medicines within the human body.

Co-evolution has already tested countless chemistries in our bodies, over millennia, and the encoded instructions can be found in commensal DNA. By sourcing metagenomic data from patients around the world and using AI to identify, decode, and map these chemistries to health and disease, we can rapidly identify the most valuable starting points for generating new drugs.


A vast opportunity enabled by genomic data and technology.

Our platform takes in genomic data and generates small molecule drug candidates matched to therapeutic potential. We harness ever-increasing amounts of genomic data and cutting-edge and proprietary advances in AI, synthetic biology, and chemoproteomics to rapidly filter, query, and generate hundreds of drug candidates.


Immune & Inflammatory

Our process takes months, not years.

With the Chemilogics platform, we filter hundreds of thousands of potential chemistries to a few hundred per indication. We generate hypotheses linking specific chemistries to diseases and pathways in days, testable amounts of compounds in weeks, and in vitro and in vivo proof of concepts in months. The output is potent, selective, human-compatible small molecules that are advantaged starting points for new drugs.

DNA informs chemistry

Synthetic biology turns DNA into chemistry

Rapid target discovery and validation

Co-evolution has tested countless chemistries in our bodies, over millennia, and the encoded instructions can be found in biosynthetic DNA. We source metagenomic data from patients and use AI to identify, decode, and map these chemistries to health and disease. 

DNA holds the instructions for small molecule synthesis as it encodes enzymes that create and modify chemistry. We use this information to quickly identify small molecules. We then leverage proprietary synthetic biology tools to generate novel small molecules.

We prioritize chemistries that meet important therapeutic criteria, link specific chemistries to diseases and pathways, and generate testable amounts of compounds to rapidly provide in vitro and in vivo proof of concepts.

Discover the power within

Developing transformative therapies, quickly, for a wide range of diseases

Identifying molecules that are already active in people provides a privileged starting point for generating new medicines.

Our Chemilogics platform provides an unprecedented opportunity to make the discovery of oral, safe, effective small molecule drug candidates quickly, predictably, and cost-effectively.

The time it takes us to go from analyzing DNA data to generating active drug leads across multiple target classes can be measured in months.

We have identified more than a dozen small molecules with proven pharmaceutical properties such as potency, specificity, and dose-dependent therapeutic activity. 

Programs based on these molecules and others we’ve identified offer the potential of new therapies to treat immune and inflammatory, metabolic, and neurological diseases, as well as pain and cancer. We plan to advance several Co-Evolved TherapeuticsTM into the clinic within the next few years. 

Our mission is to make great medicines, fast.